Phrase coined by that example to us all, Alan Partridge.

It is best described as an expression of joy at a favourable outcome. You could also use "cash back!", "in off the red!", "Mary Poppins!", or of course, "Kiss my face!"
Director of the BBC: "Alan, I'm giving you another series"

Alan Partridge: "Jurassic Park!"
by jimbokeeno September 1, 2004
When someone/something distracts you while someone/something attacks you from the side. Also known as the Clever Girl.
I got Jurassic Parked last night. One guy yelled at me from across the room and another guy sucker punched me from the side.
by Big Jim Steezy October 3, 2012
a really low budget movie, that turns out to be actually very good.
"did you see that new batman movie? it was such a jurassic park"
by June 9, 2018
When you watch Jurassic Park at high volume to mask the sound of moaning during vigorous sex.
"Adam and his girlfriend were Jurassic Parking last night while his parents were home."
by sparky_penguin18 March 11, 2019
When a female hastily takes out a mans penis and immediately proceeds to give him a blow job so voracious and sloppy that she appears to look like a dinosaur hunting prey,
Man, i've always wanted a blowjob before, but after my girl jurassic parked me last night i'm kinda scared to get one again
by Tyler Kue August 5, 2007
When a fatass is walking so hard down the hall that water starts rippling and and computer monitors start shaking
Holy fuck, shes jurassic parking so hard down the hall my computer fell off my desk
by J-Rex04 January 17, 2020
IT HAPPENED! On a small island the coast of New Zealand. A comapny known as Ingen using fossilized mosquitos to bring back cloned dinosaurs.
"I wish I was at Jurassic Park right now. Then I could meet Jeff Goldbloom on the shitter.
by J Knudsen May 10, 2008