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Jupiter, FL is a small town located in the Northern Palm Beach county. One of its most notorious landmarks is the Jupiter Light House, which by accounts appears to be haunted. This town houses some of the wealthiest and laid back hippies, surfers, and fishermen ever, Tiger Woods owns a home in Jupiter, FL and Celine Dion is just South of him in, in Palm Beach Gardens. Jupiter is also well known for Abaccoa, which is basically their "downtown". Lots of hot guys and girls in that town. For those who love to snorkel, just north of the Jupiter Light House, is Coral Cove Park, which is one of the best reefs I have seen, just make sure you go when the tide is high and beware of the sea urchins! This is the perfect town for young professionals on the rise!
Girl 1: "So where are you going for spring break?"

Girl2: "Oh I am going to my rich uncles condo on the beach, somewhere in Jupiter, FL"
by ElleDub April 10, 2011
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