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jumble legs: a term given when killing a noob at halo

-Also the term given for the rag doll effect in halo 3

-When the dead bodies legs move when t-bagging

-Term is also given when a player is much smarter and faster then you and gets the upper hand

-A glitch in Halo 3 that causes the body to twitch for no reason
Player 1"Dude look at your body is twiching out."
Player 2" I got some jumble legs going on."

Example 2
Player 1" hey matt look at my jumble legs."
Player 2" damn man you were quick."

Example 3
Player 2" dude i stuck you with that gernade and now your jumble legs are all over the place."
Player 1" Ya, those sticks can really make your jumble legs freak out.

Example 4
Player 1"dude look at this jumble legs, he's trying to no scope me and misses every time."
Player 2" Ya, man those jumble legs think they can no scope but they fail big time."
by stonedbloodlust June 19, 2009
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