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Juliens that guy thats done it all , has a strong personality and always has an opinion about something. Stubborn at times but if your that girl who he thinks is worth it he'll stick it out with you through thick and thin. this julien is very attractive will always have a killer body and looks good in anything, Julien is very smart and loving , wise but at the same time still loves to play around and have fun. Julien has a huge dink and uses it to his advantage whenever , also his girlfriend loves him no matter what and will never leave him even though sometimes it gets hard. Julien is all around an amazing person , mind body and soul who deserves the best and if you have him dont let him go and realize your going places if your with julien , he gives love like no other .
you see amanda and julien the other day damn they are a hot couple

that amanda rae is so lucky to have julien patrick poirier
by yourbabyalways December 25, 2012
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