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Juleokin Dollars(or JDS) are printable cards that are meant to be spent like money, which comes in a print-ready PDF file. This currency can be printed out at home, or wherever you have access to a printer.

Juleokin Dollars were created by pro-musician, Julius the Jules, as a type of money for his followers, the Juleokin, thus they are called Juleokin Dollars. After their inception, Julius' said that anyone could use them, not just Juleokin. Julius the Jules, dedicated the Juleokin Dollars to the public domain under a No Rights Reserved license.

Juleokin Dollars come with 3 different cards in the print-ready PDF. They are: $, $$, and $$$. Each have their own exchange values to the US Dollars, which are shown in the chart below:

$ = $1, $2, and $5 bills
$$ = $10, $20, and $50 bills
$$$ =$100
I found the Juleokin Dollars on Scribd and Internet Archive! Now I spend them and trade them with my friends.
by Julius the Jules October 09, 2019
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