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Jocular German reverse double entendre denoting:

1. A Jewish Penis, or any abnormally small and/or circumcised non-Jewish penis. Due to the Oriental Caucasoid racial origin of Israelites ('Abraham's Children in the Genome Era: Major Jewish Diaspora Populations Comprise Distinct Genetic Clusters with Shared Middle Eastern Ancestry' Gil Atzmon et al. Amer J of Human Genetics. 86.6 {3 Jun 2010} 850-859) & generations of Talmudic inbreeding ('Jewish Genetic Disorders: A Layman's Guide' Ernest L Abel. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2001; 'Genetic diseases among Jews' A Adam. Isr J Med Sci 9.9 {Sep-Oct 1973} 1383-92), the Asian 'Judenpimmel' is naturally smaller than the North European German Penis, which is in turn below the average European Penis. However, while thus inferior to the Nordic 'Germanen-Schwanz' in terms of both depth of penetration of the 'Scheide' (vagina) & horizontal distension of the 'Fotze' (vulva), the Oriental Semitic Penis is superior with regard to intelligence of its owner, cleanliness of the shaft & duration of the sex act, on account of the smegma removal & desensitisation effects of circumcision.

2. Hence, a finger noodle ('Fingernudel', 'Schupfnudel' & 'Bubespitzle'), mini-dumpling ('Klößchen' & 'Hoorische') or French Fry ('Pomme Frite').

For the same reason 'Jud' signifies a clitoris, 'den Juden stemmen' cunnilingus, 'am Juden spielen' clitoral masturbation, & 'Judenfisch' a gender-changing marine species.
1) The term is mentioned in the official Rheinlandic German dictionary: "Juden-schwanz Saar m.: scherzh. länglicher Kloss aus roh geriebenen Kartoffeln." {'jocular. longish dumpling made of raw shredded potatoes'} - 'Rheinisches Wörterbuch' Josef Müller, Karl Meisen, Heinrich Dittmaier und Matthias Zender. 9 Bde. Fritz Klopp Verlag: Bonn u Berlin 1928-1971. Bd. 3, Sp. 1228.

2) Jewish Lady: The Jewish Small Penis Stereotype is definitely prevalent across Europe. Whenever I travel through Germany, Austria or Switzerland, I'm always asked, both by Germanic men & women, why 'Juden-Schwanz' is so small. Our Asiatic Jewish men definitely need to do something about their penis size. - 'Jewish Men have small penises' Topix 13 Jan 2011.

3) Eli Rothschild: During the Oktoberfest two German men suddenly dragged me to the stage in the Platz. There, in front of the crowd, one of them held my hands behind my back while the other pulled down my trousers. All the German men & women in the audience laughed & pointed at my Oriental privates as they shouted 'Juden-schwanz' & 'Asiatenpimmel' (Asian Penis). - 'Judenwitze' Jewish Forum, 27 Jun 2010.

4) Jew: My Jewish wife loves my Juden-Schwanz. Being Asian, it's naturally smaller than a Nordic German one. But it's cleaner & longer-lasting as it's circumcised - so she loves it!

5) Hans: When I undressed, Ulrike became angry & hissed that I had a 'Juden-Schwanz'. Then she kicked me in the Eier (eggs) & left!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 12, 2012
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