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One of the most famous characters in Harry Potter. Everyone loved Jub Jub. The mischevious elf goblin that lived in the sewers. He'd often say his signature catchphrase "Give us a kiss". When he died in Harry's arms in the second book, readers were moved to tears. Especially when he whispered, "Jub Jub want rub rub". I'll tell you, There wasn't a dry eye in the theatre when that scene played,
Friend 1: Who is your favourite character in Harry Potter?
Friend 2: Definately Jub Jub. May he get rub rub in the afterlife.
by 57471c December 19, 2017
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n., v., 1. Anything Jubalicious.

2. Anything thing that is exceptionally cute, adorable, funny, lazy, tiny or fat.
3. To act in any of the above ways.
"Sweetheart.... I love you Jub-Jub." "Aw look at that fat Jub-Jub." "Can you get me some candy Jub-Jubs?" "Check out the cat! She's just Jubbin'"
by jub.jub October 10, 2009
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Selma Bouvier's (Marge Simpson's sister) pet iguana. The one constant companion in a life that has men who come and go.
When Selma walked away from Troy McClure, jub jub was right there with her. Personally, I think she has sex with that thing. They seem so "close".
by lawnmowerman January 06, 2005
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A funny word that Conan O'Brien has been trying to get into primetime shows for years in order to make him feel like he has "had some presence in television".
"It's going, it's going, it's gone - it's a JubJub!"

"... JubJub...."
by modenadude October 31, 2007
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A large, violent monkey with a disposition for smelling horribly. Can be found in the wild or in Vervain Street
"The large Jub Jub attempted to hump the Jew"
by Q January 21, 2003
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