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A ghostly cab or cab driver.

An urban legend of Palm Springs, California. Juan Sanchez is said to be a ghost that forever wanders the late-night streets of Palm Springs, California. Juan Sanchez puts his passengers through a test. Those who fail are said to be driven to the iron gates of hell. Those who pass reach their destination.

Friends go out for a drink in Palm Springs. They decide to catch a cab back to the hotel. At that moment they notice a cab in the shadows. Once inside the cab, an overwhelming craving for tacos hits. They request to go to Del Taco. Juan Sanchez doesn't know how to go to Del Taco, even though Palm Springs is small and navagable. Once a person maps it on a smart phone, they find they are already at Del Taco. They order a Fiesta Pack. Juan Sanchez adds two quesadillas to their order. Juan Sanchez scans their faces in the rear-view mirror looking for objections or irritation. If Juan Sanchez decides his passengers are without objection, he will change his order to one quesadilla. They have passed the test.

Juan Sanchez has no disputes with people eating in his cab. But there is little time to do so. When the passengers look up from their wax paper meals, they find themselves at their destination. They pay Juan Sanchez. Then walk away. They glance back to find the cab gone, only to see two red eyes hovering in the distance above the vacant and warm midnight streets of Palm Springs, California.
Did you guys get the heebie jeebies of that cabbie? He was a total Juan Sanchez.
by Scholar Ghost May 22, 2010
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a dirty little mexican kid with no friends little or no eyebrows and, his only girlfriend is his right hand
juan sanchez
by genewelch December 07, 2009
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