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The Ju-Tang Clan is the greatest Jewish rap group ever conceived/executed. The size of their circumsized penises is incomprehensible to the human mind, and comely shiksas cannot help but to fall to their feet in worship/supplication. Their music is the stuff with which empires are built and wars are waged. More information is available at
"and back to the nazi rape
watch the fuhrer oscillate
oh, i just can't relate
it's time to calculate
when you should turn and taste
all my ejaculate
show me that pretty face
it's time to masturbate
might find your shiksa's late
that means a pregnancy!
you're a recessive trait
bind this upon your house and gates
so shall you consecrate yourself
to your lord god
tekiya g'dola dada"
by Willy August 13, 2004
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