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Getting so drunk that you not only screw your chances of making out with a good looking female, but you also ruin any chances of a repeat make out sessions in the future and ultimately look like an ass to all your buddies and the rest of the people you are around.

Generally speaking when you get Jovi drunk you will end the nights make out session by stumbling and falling under a pool table, trying to fight the girl or do something that insures you will not be getting any action that night.
Did you see that guy last night? He was so Jovi drunk he fell going down the stairs and took that hot girl with him.

Jeff was so Jovi drunk last night he yelled at that girl for a half hour just because she wouldn't get him a beer.

Matt was making out with that gorgeous girl and then he got so Jovi drunk and fucked up any chance in hell he had.
by hellenkellar November 01, 2010
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