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No words that can possibly describe this super duper damn awesome motherfucking best player ever that is currently playing for the Toronto Blue Jays. He hit 54 homers in 2010 to blow everyone up. Every time he's up at the plate, something is gonna happen, either good or bad. He hit motherfucking 31 homers before the All-Star break to break the Blue Jays record in the category and he also has drew over 7.4 million votes by the fans to the All-Star game which is the fucking most ever by one player by a lot of margin. This kid is just gonna get better. Watch him take the MVP :)
Jose Bautista just hit another homer for the Blue Jays.
by BAUTISTA#19 July 13, 2011
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The most bad-ass motherfucker to ever play for the greatest team in MLB history aka the Toronto Blue Jays. Anyone who lives in Toronto or the surroundng area who doesnt know his name should be shot. Currently the most feared name in baseball after bashing a mind blowing 54 homeruns in 2010. Every time he comes up to the plate whether the bases are empty or full you expect something magical and the pitcher is trying not to shit his pants. This guy feasts on all fastballs especially those delivered by pitchers of the ass clown yankees (who he HATES) or the dried up red sox. Once he puts the ball out of its misery he gives the nearest opposing player a death stare until he turns to stone. This guy wont stop until he brings a world series title back to the great white north where it belongs because everyone knows the yankees are overrated. BLUE JAYS FOREVER
Jose Bautista is a home run machine
by jaysfan22 April 26, 2011
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