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Chicago Jr. Less than an hour drive from the big city itself. Very racially diverse. Everyone assumes everyone is racist, but few people actually are. Everyone is a sarcastic comedian. F bombs everyone and no one cares. Truly a IDGAF kinda place.
Joliet, Illinois is racially diverse; everything is here but there's still nothing to do.
by tdkfcgoldco May 19, 2018
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a midsized exurb/suburb of Chicago located 25 miles southwest of the city. Joliet is one of the fastest growng cities in the United States and is in Will County, which is also one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Joliet, or "J-Town", is racially diverse and is known as a crime-ridden city, although the area has shown much improvement since the 1990's. nationwide Joliet is most known for its prisons, even sometimes known as "Prison City". It has at least 5 correctional institutions and maybe even more. of the ones i can remeber, there is: Stateville, Little Joliet(juvie d.o.c.), Big Joliet, River Valley, a Womens Prison, and the Will County Jail. The east side is generally known as the ghetto side and the west side is known as middle class, even though there are projects scattered across the west side. the city is old and looks like a solid city, referring to the brick, limestone, and steel construction af many of its buildings. there are murals and public art throughout the city and gives a nice contrast to the cold aspect of most of its architecture. many celebrities have grown up in joliet, including Jimmy Chamberlain(smashing pumpkins), Adrienne Curry(AmerNxtTopMdl), Lionel Richie, Andy Dick, Tom Thayer, and many others. Joliet can be summed up plainly as a gang infested, lower class city that most people are scared to even drive through, even though many areas of Chicago and its suburbs are much, much worse.
"I heard Joliet, Illinois is Ghetto, but i thought it was nice"
by 1houratatime April 30, 2009
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The police jurisdiction is less and they'll oversee minor offences because of their high crime rate. You can get lost in the one way streets downtown. Sunnyland/6 corners you can get guns/drugs/stds from just about anywhere. homeless. the Louis Joliet Mall and mall cops will get uber pissed if you wear your hat sideways, possibly ask you to leave. blows compared to Fox Valley Mall in Aurora. Joliet traffics to Plainfield and plainfield takes it as an advantage to pull you over so be careful. Careful about exstacy Joliet has some bunk ass pipes, meth bombs to craze you, heroin bombs to kill you, or the yellow astrics which have sulfer in them. anything bad can happen in joliet
Joliet, Illinois Joliet Illinois
by TheCollectivistMentor April 02, 2009
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A suburb of Chicago located about 30 miles south of the city. Mostly known for its prisons, even though the main prison is now closed, and Statesville is in Crest Hill. Known mostly as a ghetto town, but that is mostly downtown and the east side. The west side is where mostly white middle class people live, and a couple of black people. But vandalism can be an occasional issue on the west side (Mostly cars being egged). East side is mostly Mexicans and blacks. All in all, Joliet is your typical city with areas that are better than others. The far west side of the city is often confused as the neighboring village of Plainfield.
Person 1- Your moving to Joliet, Illinois? That's such a ghetto!
Person two- Actually, I'm moving to the west side, which is far much nicer than the east side, also known as the ghetto.
Person 1- Oh...
by J-Townwestsider May 15, 2011
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Joliet is a ghetto town, but only on the east side. the west side is mainly middle class, and some upperclass. it is well know for many state titles from the area Catholic high school, Joliet Catholic Academy, also known as JCA, with 13 state football titles and 9 volleyball titles. Although most of Joliet is shitty and ghetto, the people there love it and tolerate the gangsters. (:
Joliet, Illinois, is home to Joliet Catholic Academy, which is a great high school.
by jtowngirl April 02, 2011
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