A word you can say to people when he/she's telling a lies or things that are not true/real.
John: Hey bro! I saw your girlfriend having a date with another guy yesterday. She's cheating on you!
Lawrence: Jokas! We put together in Paris two days ago and we just got home today . You are jokas! Hahaha.
by Senpai101 April 16, 2016
A term used by the Nord Station that refers to "weed". The word became known through 2 romanian rappers, Yung Foe and Tre.
"Ba ce faci vii la mine sa fumam un joka?"
"Da frate hai ca vin."
by Nekromantul2110 July 24, 2020
I really like Jokas Yt videos. Yeah Jokas Yt stream last night, was wild!
by Davicii September 26, 2022
Babi Joka is the next number one music artist in the world!!!
Yo Babi Joka is heat
by Babi Joka November 21, 2019
Someone who uses joker papers. And then tokes it up.
"Aye joka toka wana get some green and smoke that shit?"
by Joka Toka August 13, 2007