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Similar to its neighbor, Gloversville, but with slightly less ugly appearance, Johnstown is one of the most pointless places to live. At a first glance, Johnstown seems like the nicest place on Earth but in reality there is absolutely nothing to do and 95% of the population consists of inbred hicks whose ancestors have lived here for hundreds of years. The remaining 5% of the population move there. The town, which has less than 10,000 people living in it, is littered with filthy scumbags, bad parenting, unbelievably high taxes, a "mall" with 5 shops and a movieplex, and of course, actual litter. No one bothers to clean it up, except for on the rail trail, where the trash reappears almost instantly. Several people have been killed on said rail trail, which runs through Johnstown and Gloversville. Your best luck at finding a job here is at Burger King or Dunkin' Donuts. Many people only stay here because it is "safer" than other nearby cities.
I live in New York." "NEW YORK CITY?!" "No, Johnstown NY." "Oh..that's cool..
by lololololhai January 21, 2011
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