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Johnston is a very pleas-sent place. You need some money to live here. You have a lot of freedom to be yourself and do what you please. Its a very different community, but one of the best. We also have outstanding educational ranks.
"Johnston, Iowa" is great & peaceful.
by Smh to the haters. June 14, 2011
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A small town in Iowa with a middle school and high school full of many fake ass bitches who claim to be "Emo" because its a "trend". Lots of the students at here have rich mommies and daddies to give them money to get anything they want or can get them out of any situation. there are also fake ass hoes who found popularity from giving blow jobs. The kids here like to make alot of issues and cause alot of drama. The boys are stupid and joke about "cutting" (stupid af). and if you find someone who is actually nice and doesnt spread drama well lucky you befriend them cause their the only one you can trust at Johnston.
Johnston, Iowa teens:

-wear jokers to be "emo"

Riley: *wears black pants* "WOW IM SO EMO TODAY"

Riley: *wears pink the rest of the week* *BASIC BITCH*
by JMS? more like KMS February 09, 2017
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A pretty decent town, it's just that most of the people suck. Pretty much all you will find here are ugly orange bleach blonde hoes, and immature douche bag guys who need to desperately go through puberty. Almost all of the girls look the same, act the same, dress the same, like the same things, etc. They will not like you if you arent like them. But then again, who wants to be friends with a bunch of annoying brats? Theres also a lot of posers, and fakes. Seriously, people need to just be themselves. Is it really that hard? The main schools here are Summit Middle school, Johnston Middle, and the High School.
Christine: lyk z000mg anna look @ my gauges. i am SOOOOO hardxcore. gettin drunk tonight yahhH!!!!

Anna: i just wanna fuck up and smoke weed because it makes me cool. im lyk SOOOO EMO i have a SEPTUM ring you gaiss and im lyk anorexic

Allie: S00 $C3nE SUCK Mi CUNTTTT


Brooke: Like omg! Im like so going to the Justin Bieber concert with my bffl Britney tomorrow like yeah! Justin is like so hawt! xoxoxox

Keshia: Being orange makes me HAWT and SEXI the oranger the better gurlies!! xoxo Everyones just jealous of me because im perfect, i fucking own Johnston

This sums up the town of Johnston, Iowa.
by stay true <3 December 11, 2010
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