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A vision is only a dream until someone helps make it reality. Johnnie Roscoe Production represents more than a dream; it represents the memory of my late son John Roscoe. Who lost his life at 18 year old to senseless violence, John Roscoe had the passions people posses; the sense of accomplishment people desire and music and writing. Through his dream of music production his memories, will live on. This establishment of Johnnie Roscoe Production we conquer the talent others will understand here is family togetherness which matters. Johnnie Roscoe Production is a family ran business aiming to obtain the sense of union and to maintain the importance of music and family togetherness. If you are a new artist seeking to get started in the music business or an established artist needing new direction with your career, here are the services that we can provide.
Music Production * Radio Promotion * Record Label * Artist Development * Publishing * Song – Plugging
Subsidiary to Famous Records Corp/Universal Records
Johnnie Roscoe Production
Johnnie Roscoe Production- When Dream Makers Become Reality
by J Roscoe February 26, 2011
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