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It's boring here and JCPD have nothing to do except pull people over in search for marijuana. The Chattahoochee River is the closest thing to "exciting." Also, a lot of spice that fucks kids up because its 'legal' and parents are drug testing them.
Girl: "where are you from?"

Guy: "John's Creek"

Girl: "you got that rich kid suburban stuff don't you"

Guy: "no i just have mids"

Girl: "oh"
by iamnotapothead420 March 24, 2011
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A genuinely terrible Atlanta suburb that lacks any sense of community. Don't plan on driving anywhere in the afternoon because you'll literally be fucked by traffic. Everyone here is the same. They all wear indentical clothing, they all live in identical houses in identical neighborhoods, and they all drive identical cars. Teenagers have severe drug and alcohol problems because of a lack of anything exciting to do. Families move here for the school district, and when the kids graduate high school, they move away and never look back because nobody ACTUALLY wants to live in Johns Creek.
Person 1: "I grew up in Johns Creek."

Person 2: "I'm so sorry to hear that."

Person 1: "It's okay, after high school I got the fuck out of there and never looked back."
by nlbduhelsh March 10, 2011
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The chillest city on earth. Full of Polo bros and athletes. Only the rich and the whites survive here. The population is starting to because very densely populated with chinky eyed bastards, which causes the city's nick name...Johns Korea. The fight for Marijuana and J-Dub is a daily task as the White kids drive their BMW or lifted jeeps to the closest dealer. There is also an abundance of police which keeps the game of life interesting. Only the skilled will survive. The ultimate city to live in.
-"Dude you are so fly with that Polo"

-"Thanks bro its because I am an OG from the JC"


-"Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh Johns Creek homie"
by The SGT February 08, 2011
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Johns Creek: the land of the fake and pretentious. Girls sport their Miss Me Jeans and split ends whilst showing off their $19.99 Polo's from Marshalls. Guys dress as "LAX Bros" with their hair flipped to the side and their khakis to match. Moms usually have their Cubic Zirconium earrings in, their Miss Me Jeans blinged out and their PTA membership alongside.
Families are mainly middle class, as most like to show off their supposed 'money' by buying discounted designer items. Middle schoolers usually 'party' at Club Flash (wow you're so hardc0o0o0ore...NOT).

Bitches lurk the suburban town of Johns Creek deprived of attention..truth is, Johns Creek is a fake, pretentious town where nothing is like it seems. Bitches will lie and deceive to receive their highly anticipated attention, guys will go for the ugly, easy hoes, and moms will scheme their way to the top of the PTA board.
Johns Creek = worst town on earth, full of wannabes.
Dude 1: "Where are you moving?"
Dude 2: "Johns Creek..."
Dude 1: "Woah that place is RICH AS HELL.."
*Dude 2 goes to Johns Creek*
Dude 2: The fuck? Rich as hell my ass...
by turtledie November 15, 2011
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An amazing suburb of Atlanta. Everyone wishes they lived their. There are big houses and some small ones to. If you live in Johns Creek then you hope to go to JCHS, the best high school on earth. The high school has an amazingly awesome cheerleading squad. In 2011 they have an amazingly sick football team and an awesome baseball team. Most of the kids drive sick cars. This place is the place to be. Although the school has a rivalry with Chattahoochee.
Wow, Johns Creek is awesome!
by 2727jchs September 29, 2011
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