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The answer to every who question.

The one person reponsible and behind everything EVER in the UNIVERSE! When you dont know the answer
Who is he? John West
Whos house are you going to? John West house
What college do you go to? John West University
Who was the first president? John West
Whats your favorite kind of movie? John Westerns
by Patricia villasana October 19, 2011
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To call a guy John West is to imply that he will only go out with girls that meet his high standards.

The definition relates to the companies slogan, "It's the fish that John West rejects that makes John West, the best." Which if you consider the girl to be the fish then this is similar to a guy with high standards rejecting girls that don't meet them because he only accepts the best.
Sophie: Hey, Tom would you like to go out with me?

Tom: No thanks Sophie you don't meet my high standards.

Sam: Haha, Tom, Sophie's pretty hot I'm going to call you John West.
by weaby7 October 18, 2013
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Alternative version of west, may be shortened to John. Used around Manchester and the North-West of England.
That lad is absolutely John West.
by a_ev.ans May 03, 2019
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A penis, that is both incredibly wide in its girth, and short in length, and as such, an extreme 'Chode'. John Wests are the same shape and size as a small tuna can, hence their name.
"Dude! That is such a John West! I bet you could use a tuna can as a condom for that thing!"
by JimmyGonzo September 30, 2007
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When somethings goes 'John West'.... It's not going the best! It could be better!....It's not what I expected!...

Due to attention of 'John West' Fish products and also the recently New 2 Min Rice selection for the Lazy Youth of Today….It's very popular!!!!
One Mate to another on the Phone...

Arite Bro.. How's things with you??

The Bro replies... To be honest with ya mate.. Things are not the 'John West!!'
by MJ C October 09, 2009
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{john west} a name that comes with a heavy weight for having quite a thick penis and quite the reputation
{john west} once shoved his penis into half of Los Angeles and got away with it before the me too movement
via giphy
by bigdabs420707 December 06, 2018
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