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Origin: Former Kentucky basketball player who played for only one year and then bolted for the NBA. If it wasn't for the NBA age rule, he wouldn't have gone to Kentucky; he used them to gain national attention...aka "one and done."


1. A girl who shows interest in the first date and subsequently rejects further contact for no reason

2. A girl who takes time to hang out with you only because she needs attention and is not genuinely interested in seeing you


1. Standing up a date when plans were made beforehand

2. The act of feigning interest when there is none

Synonyms: Bloodsucker, Tease, Cold-hearted, Flaky, Succubus

Antonyms: Keeper, Honest person, Acie Law (girls who stick around)

1. Conversation between guy and girl:

Guy: I enjoyed our time together yesterday. Would you like to hang out tomorrow?

Girl: I would love to!

*Next day*

Guy: So, you ready to hang out?

Girl: I can't...I'm busy tonight.

Guy: You are such a John Wall.


1. Two guys talking to each other:

Guy 1: I know your first date went well, how'd the second go?

Guy 2: It didn't happen...she John Walled me.
by IHATEJOHNWALL(S) May 25, 2010
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