VVD: "How do I defend like John Stones does"
by John stones fan February 3, 2021
A fine individual whose defending skills will soon be added to the bible.
John Stones is a better defender than Van Dijk.
by EmSiBiEm January 5, 2021
Perhaps the greatest player that has ever graced the world of football. It’s a well known fact that the sport was actually invented in 1994 when the beautiful bastard was born.
Bruno Fernandes: Why can’t we win the derby?

Harry Maguire: Because City have the greatest player in the world, John Stones!
by johnstonespropaganda November 22, 2021
Franz Beckenbauer from Barnsley. Only better. And passes more balls.
He just passes everything with style, he is such a John Stones.
by herofromzerofromhero July 8, 2018