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People who are angry at John Lennon, famous Beatles member.

Reasons for this hate might be anger at his (seemingly) liberal attitude to everything, his anti-establishmentism or just haters of his music. The reason is usually political though.

He was very much against religion which made a lot of people angry at him. Of course, this is hypocritical since he says he's so "liberal", yet he wants to force people to believe what he wants by removing religion.

Some people therefore are not angry at him for being against religion, or for his political beliefs, but for his hypocritical attitude to things
One of the John Lennon haters was Mark Chapman who shot him in 1980
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008
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John Lennon Haters pronounced Jon Lennon Hayters

these things are heartless douche asses who believe that John Lennon sucks, or was not that great or used Pauls fame.

John Lennon haters, first arrived on a space ship, in the 1960's, when The Beatles were at the height of Beatlemania. after John Lennon's Jesus comment, more of these Douches came. These people began to dislike him because of his witty humor, and the image of them they saw in there heads. they also saw him as a man who used Paul McCartney's fame.

These Douches will not stop striking with there comments, so we need to put them to rest. If you see any evil comments by these Invaders of our planet please step up and say something to them.

Their main weakness is the lyrics to the song imagine.

Please not all Lennon haters, that your place on the earth is not needed, you should go back to Douch1339 and stay there, we do not need you here hating John Lennon.

The man hasn't done anything wrong, all he wanted was peace. And I do not understand anyones commments about all his money. If he had of been around for Live 8, He would have done a lot of good!
Douches in introductions "Hi, Nice to meet you. I'm a douche"
Or " Hi I'm a douche. we are also known as John Lennon Haters"

well known douches:
Mark David Chapman
by Marmie August 19, 2007
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