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John Henry Eden or President Eden, as he is often referred to, is the president of the Enclave in fallout 3 in the year 2277. The Enclave had a predecessor to Eden, his name was President Richardson after his death in fallout 2, Eden was the next in line for presidency. Eden is a robot with artificial intellegience, it became selfawere after the war in a goverment security bunker/station. Where he began downloading data, especially from previous presidents in a America. And he became a mix of himself, and every great american president. Eden is evil not evil or trying to hurt people unless he thinks it is necessary although his sinister plan to annihilate all impure or infected individuals in the wasteland...(which is pretty much all the people in the wasteland except for those who dwell in the vaults or anyone from the enclave) he does imploy propaganda into his radio station and giving the people false news but he is only acting like he does is because he thinks its the quickest, best and easiest solution and because Eden believes that only pure humans unaffected by radiation is the key to hummanitys preservation and survival.
lololl John Henry Eden
by manwithanswers July 03, 2010
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