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John Dewey High School is different from your average American high school... Dewey is the microcosm of America's diversity.

Located in Brooklyn's Gravesend, founded in 1969, named after John Dewey, it was known as a "hippie" high school in the 70's with the stoners wearing rainbow colors, playing their guitars nonchalantly while listening to psychedelic music. There were also the metalheads who listened to Anthrax.

It was named a New American High School in 2000, and was also ranked as one of America's Best High Schools in 2007. John Dewey High is known to have cycles instead of semesters, and bands instead of periods.

Dewey has some of the best teachers in NYC. We also have letter grades like: ME (the highest), M (it's okay), MC (dude, you're borderline failing), and R (retention or r for r u kiddin me how do you fail a class at Dewey you dumbass).

Nowadays, there are rarely any hippies, a fair share of emo and goth kids are interspersed. Occasionally, you'll see a kid rocking a BB, Slipknot, or RHCP shirt. There are some freaks, nerds, athletes, future doctors, musicians, aspiring actors, and so much more.

Dewey is diverse. It ranges from the vast population of Asians (mainly Chinese), followed by blacks, the Hispanics, the Middle Easterners, and the sizable amount of white people, mainly from Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Russia, etc.) There's a couple of Irish and Italian kids. Oh yeah, don't forget the Jews.

Famous alumni includes Michael J. Fox and Spike Lee.
Nick: So what high school did you get into?
Nick: WHAT?! Isn't that the school that has a campus and the school where you can select your own classes?
Mark: Mhmm...
Nick: You're so lucky man! I got into Murrow. :/
Mark: Don't worry bro, it's basically the copy of Dewey. You're almost there. Almost.
by TheOneInObscurity October 05, 2012
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