The awkward jog to the toilet after being cream pied
We forgot the tissues next to the bed so I had to cum jog to the toilet
by Bbymoonie November 27, 2021
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The jog you do when someone is holding the door for you, but you're to far away and don't want to keep them waiting.
"Sally realized that the man was trying to hold the door for her, and she quickly did The awkward jog of gratitude, thanking him as she slid inside.
by Chummy old pal December 28, 2015
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The act of going for a jog in public after having received cum on one's body while having sex in public. The act of jogging is done to produce sweat to disguise the cum stains as sweat stains.
Dude 1: "Damn, that girl is always jogging with her boyfriend"
Dude 2: "Yea jogging.... look at that White Jog Sweat, they up to more than just jogging"
by Sp01234 December 1, 2020
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Wobble jogging occurs when an overweight person trys to run and their flab jiggles or wobbles
Look at that guys fat wobble as he chases that cupcake, he must be wobble jogging.
by loki_kewl June 19, 2009
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