An eccentrical Mexican man who is beyond beauty, strength and intelligence. A man who is kind, polite, honest and treats his wife like a true gentleman. Every husband wish yo be as fresh as Joey.
Damn it Fred! That dude Joey really knows how to be a Man, why can't you be like him?
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by Pichita11 March 05, 2017
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The guy who impacted your life in a major way but doesn't remember
Guy 1: Hey Man you completely changed my life last year
Guy 2: Damn I barely remember, am I your Joey?
by SadnessIsI December 13, 2020
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The type of dude to be mean to you and make you cry and tell you that everything you don’t want to hear but he’s still nice after because he loves you and he’s only joking with you, you will probably hate him at some point in your life but you realize you can’t because you care a lot about his dumbass
Annoying ass kid- “Ugh I really don’t vibe with him”
Joeys friend -“Whyy he’s joey he’s so cool bro but don’t mess with him or he will beat your ass”
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by Joemama420turnupbishhh November 19, 2019
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A man who is usually large in size but also in heart. This person puts his heart on a string for people but usually gets rejected by the ugliest of females. He usually plays sports like football but is not the most athletic person out there
yo have you seen how big that person is

Yea it’s just Joey
by 696969696969696069696869686 October 24, 2019
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Joey means Goku. Every war. Defeated villain's and saved the world multiple times. A great guy.
Joey means Goku
by Ghosthand June 27, 2018
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