When you stick your index finger in the anus of your woman.
I picked up a road snag and bent her over doggie style and i Stuck my finger in her ass as i was giving it to her. She asked what the hell i was doing and I said im giving you the joey.
by Dannyg247 June 15, 2017
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You begin using Joey’s peculiar slang, and start adapting to his childish mannerisms.


No Kizzy Cappy

“Bro” (bœ)

*throwing up gang signs*

Someone being upset or in pain, and he says: “its gonna be ok.” 👋

*Calling Maya “Mayaronie”*

Just in general giving people weird/fire nicknames🔥

*constantly dabbing people up or trying to*

always asking “ooooh are you guys datingg?” to two people of the opposite sex
Random person: My mom died. *cries*

Me: Danggg.

Maya: See Carson, thats “The ‘Joey’ Effect”
by yaemikosbdaytwin April 15, 2022
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When you lick your finger and put it up your partners bum hole
I can’t belive you have your husband a wet joey
by Hoover321 January 5, 2018
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