Dude theres joey the joey on istangram.
by November 30, 2020
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The funniest , kindest , and sexiest guy you will ever encounter . He can sling the best dick and will make you squirt all over the place . He also can eat the booty like groceries . He is very giving but can be a fucking ASSHOLE AND A FAT LITTLE CHODE WHEN HE IS MAD . But you need a Joey in your life . He has a fucking SCHLONGGGGG !!!!
You: wow he’s so nice and funny . What’s his name ?

Savannah: That is Joey Tyler Long .
by AnonBadBixchhhh November 8, 2019
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Super funny and very cute and worth time
im married to joey v prescott but he doesnt know so dont tell him
by ganglinn October 26, 2019
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The hottest human alive and can’t get females off of him and also is the greatest friend ever
Joey w I love you

Why wouldn’t you
by lol shrek April 3, 2022
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A goofy, loving guy who has many of friends. Everyone likes him, he is very sporty and is great at giving hickeys. He can be very triggered at times but doesn't show it. Usually has big ears as well
Joey weiss, what is that on your girls neck yo?
by Tdawg159 February 9, 2017
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