Joel’s are a real douche. They slowly win over people’s heart but in reality do not care about the person. It’s only a matter of time before they break another girls heart. And then they just move onto the next girl as if nothing ever happened. Joel’s will pretend to be there for you but won’t really be helpful in a time of need. They will use phrases like “it’s gonna be okay” or “don’t cry”, but really they are just trying to seem like a good boyfriend. If you have a joel in your life, I feel sorry for you. Take action before something happens and your heart is broken.
Girl #1: Hey who’s that hot new kid?
Girl #2: Oh that’s joel. He’s a douche.

Girl #1: Oh, okay. Thanks for the heads up.
by Lex_Amercir.93 June 26, 2019
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Someone who will always cheat on you. He has big beaver teeth and has an obnoxious tone.
Wow. Your boyfriend cheated on you?! He is such a Joel.
by Anomymous Source July 06, 2019
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