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The coolest kid i know. His friends pressure him to change majors and tell him his isnt real. Its sad, but he is nice.

He once went to brazil and brought me back a sammich it was nice.

He likes to hardcore party, you can usually find him around campus singing songs while playing his guitar. Some times he gets confused and brings out his rock band guitar, but its okay he is only a bit senial.

If he doesnt have a guitar with him, you will be sure to find him outside his dorm thinking about life's most radical thoughts. He is pretty gnarly.

He enjoys computers, music, volleyball, history, not taking calculus, english 015 composition and rhetoric, being an honors student (aka better than everyone else), and eating chinese food.
Ben:Dude did you see Joel King yet today?
Mark: Yeah... Gee Golly Gosh.... he sure is dreamy.
Ben: Are you okay?
Mark: Yeah, he is so cool. I want to be like him.
by ohhaiiiiiiiii March 29, 2010
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