(adj.) to be extremely gay, have little to no friends
(n.) someone who boosts daily
(v.) to boost, have curly hair, rape many babies
"I just raped my little sister Michelle!"

"Ew thats so joe"

"Woah howd u get ur hair so curly?"
"What do u think, im Joe."
by kplaxgoalie34 December 02, 2009
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one of the biggest ass wipes you will ever have the misfortune of encountering. rapes girls. does drugs. passes out in front of apartment buildings. is targeted by Panera rapists. a huge dickwad, and ugly as FUCKKKKKKKK
Woah, Adolph Hitler was such a Joe.
Tiger Woods is a major Joe.
by Oliveeeefacebook March 25, 2010
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Joe is the average Joe of himself
Joe was such an average Joe that he had straight C's on every quarter on his report card
via giphy
by hearl jones July 03, 2016
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He is an individual who will never say no, and it turns on them in the long run. Usually really bad at math. But is a very good looking person, and most girls want to be with him. They waste a lot of time being with people they shouldn't be with. They are intelligent, but say very stupid things and come off as stupid. Usually a very touchy person if with someone, and a very loyal individual.
Look at that guy! He can't even do basic math! What a Joe.
He must be a Joe because he is so good looking!

You are Joe, just say no!
by ASKLJH February 21, 2017
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An amazing guy who cares about everything he does. But he is to scared to admit that he does. He needs to leave his shell and tell people how he truly feels. He is super nice and always says hi to his friends abd is really nice.
I was in the hall way abd I saw Joe and he made me smile
by Youreadmynane January 13, 2018
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Joe is someone who only has friends because they pity him. Everyone knows he lives a sad and talentless life so people tend to take him under their wing. An example of this is when teachers give him good marks in P. E because they think that will make him feel less depressed. Joe in German also stands for "shit-at-stoolball"

All in all, give Joe pity because he really has no talent at all.
For example... "Omg you can't do anything, your such a Joe"
by Rounderking June 29, 2017
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