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some punk that's really broke and drives dump trucks, but tries to front like he's rich to get girls
Girl: "Hey Joe, let's go back to your supermansion and mess around in that Olympic sized indoor pool of yours."
Joe: "Uh ummm uh...actually my...uhhh...butler the house right now and I...uhhh...think he's using some...ummmm...poisonous chemicals so...uhhh...let's go to your place this time."
Girl: "All right. But you promise to show me tomorrow?"
Joe: "I-I-I-uhhhh...yes, definitely, sure."
Girl: "Oooooh I can't wait."
Landlord: "Hey moron, when are you gonna pay your fucking rent? You owe me $500...that's $250 for each of the last two months."
Joe: "I'm afraid you have me mistaken for someone else. I'm really rich and live in a $20 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills."
Landlord: "Suuuuuuure you are. (smack!) Pay up, bitch!"
Girl: "I'm out of here, you fucking Joe Millionaire (SMACK!)"
by Nick D February 18, 2003
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