Sometimes spelled as "Jody, Jodie or Joe Dee"
This is not a name meaning. This is a definition of a phrase or term.

Mainly a phrase prevalent in the Military, due to so many young men leaving home and/or deploying, but is also applicable to any hard working man effected by a "Joe D."
There was likely an original "Joe D” many years ago that effected a service member to turn it into a running cadence that the Military continues to use daily, due to how prevalent a hardworking man's relationship fall prey to a "Joe D."

Essentially, when a man has to leave, for an extended, or temporary amount of time, so that he may secure an income or a better income, or to defend his country, he is not in a position to maintain contact with his significant other. That is when a male close to the young man's significant other will see an opportunity and strike. A good "Joe D." is cunning, manipulative and targets the lonely, young woman, whose man is not around. He presents as a soft voice, and a shoulder to cry on. The unsuspecting woman is just so happy to have some attention that she ignores what is really going on. Once the "Joe D." has gained some trust, he will gently whisper phrases that start with, "If he really loves you he would do this..." She is so disillusioned, that when she talks to her man, she will even start talking about this "Joe D."
A “Joe D.” is an emotional predator looking for lonely women and destroying good men’s relationships.
"Joe D. is f*cking your wife."

"Ain't no use in goin' home Jodie's got your girl and gone"
"On a plane to Iraq
ain’t no sense in looking back.
Susie won’t be alone for long
cause Jody wants to drop her thong
we run the risk of getting shot
while Susie screws the whole damn block.
this is her plan it will not fail
because your “”dear john”” letter is in the mail.
this is true i will not lie
its another reason for Jodie to die.”
by DigruntledVet May 19, 2018
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Any man who has engaged in or has had sexual relations with another mans girlfriend, wife or partner while he is not around, usually serving his country in the Marines or armed forces.
While being indisposed and forced to eat bush from a transvestite named George, Joe D. is having fun with Suzy on a regular basis and probably shacked up with her too.
by BobBreton March 17, 2006
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Joe Dudek

The most perfect human specimen that has huge cock and good at everything he does as well as god like abilities and looks. Growing up with an abusive father he grinds his way to the top with his dope swagger and his mutual talent. Every man or woman that is within 30 feet will die from 30 orgasims in less then five seconds. Legend says if you look at his ice for more then .213 seconds you will immediately disintegrate and go to hell. Yet if you are on his good side you will be sent to his palace atop the clouds where you and the gods spend the rest of your days.he is quite literally a god.
by Coolsdsddc April 17, 2019
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