I love you jodi. I know you don't know me, but i really love you. Very much. I know you already have someone in your heart, but i just have to say this. I love you Jodi. I really do.
by Your admirer. November 24, 2021
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The hottest "Evil Queen" of your dreams. She is so evil she will make you do all her work around the house, force you to rub her back, kiss her feet, and if she is bad enough even make you kiss her ass and then laugh at you.
Dude #1 : that is a hot chick over there!
Dude #2 : oh, I bet she's a Jodi, she would tear yo ass out of the frame.
by fire builder May 20, 2011
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someone who should go out with archie
who is small
who loves chicken
by hertallbestie March 13, 2012
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Jodi is the name for the sweetest, kindest most, amazing girl you can meet.
She always put others before herself and will stick up for all her friends.
She is the most beautiful, stunning girl you will lay eyes on, all the boys fight to be king of the hill.
Although she can be grumpy and screw her face on instagram; she is still 1000% perfection.
She is the girl you will meet once in a lifetime, don't miss your chance.
by Dizzd March 3, 2014
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when you try to cast a spell and the wand backfires on you.
Wingardium sajkfbsdjfbsdjk .. damn my wand just jodied.
by Cadence McCartney September 27, 2011
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A type of person who is quite a promiscuous runaround puddle slut who seems only to create stories and lies to create the illusion of charm and interest. Later to learn it was all fake and you been had, taken and smeared behind your back.
Oh hey bud, met this awesome super cool girl, *insert name* and I think we gonna hook up.
Oh no bro! Don't do that! Heard she was a Jodi
by Lied upon trusted September 6, 2021
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A true friend who gives someone a chance before she judges them.

Is there for anyone who is hurt or feeling hurt. Good at making people feel better.

Lights up a room with her smile. A loyal companion. Never uses people for there advantages.

Is kind hearted to those who are as well.
by Kyle basse December 31, 2014
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