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The best couple ever, probably started dating because of some gay bitch named layan because yes.
Woah look at that jody + adam, they make the perfect couple
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someone calm , loud, generous , loyal, and sexy with a big ass
Jody-ann is a very calm , loud , generous , loyal and sexy person with a big personality and ass
by oiiir February 19, 2022
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Jody Crosby is an entity from a different planet. She gives people grades based on their race and religion. She DESPISES Jewish people, and will not accept their grade to be higher than a 90. If you are one of the few students she likes, you can do no wrong in her class. The worst of writings will get A’s when everyone else’s get B’s or C’s. She also goes by the nickname of Adolf Crosler, Crosbitch, or Crosnigga
White person-What did Jody Crosby give you on that writing?
Jewish Person - a fucking 75, even though my writing followed the rubric exactly!
White Person - oh, I got a 95, even though I put no effort into it at all. I bs’ed the whole thing and didn’t cite a single piece of evidence.
by Bignibbaman April 12, 2019
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Jody Crosby is the most despicable woman ever. She has favorite students and will do anything for them, but will destroy the grades of people that she dislikes. She is also very racist, basing many of her decisions off of the race or religion of that person.
Dude, who started the holocaust?
Jody Crosby of course, remember how we learned about it in history.
by Bignibbaman April 12, 2019
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A soft girl with a resting bitch face. Who just wants to either win the lotto or have a sugar daddy.
I saw Jody-Lee one day she had a resting bitch face but I know she's soft.
by Jodes94 November 23, 2021
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A fun, loving, intelligent, smart and beautiful being. Hard working, dedicated and responsible person who believes in team work, goal and family oriented. Lover of people, nature and alway up for an adventure. Loves intimacy and romance, an optimist but very indecisive. Very attractive, cute, cury and sexy
I think I want to be a Jody-lee today.
by BabyCatcher November 22, 2021
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The most flacky human being you will ever meet. Hes says he will do something dor you or meet you somewhere but cancelles last minute and when he cancels you can be sure that he will say "oh sorry i had alot of hard work to do." but in reality hes just playing fortnite
Oh Jody Mcguian canceled last minute
by Broskie110 October 19, 2020
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