She is the meaning of life. She is athletic, fast, and hot. think of the hottest girl you can think of and shes hotter than that. shes the most popular person in the school and half the grade loves her. a joanna can make you day become better and she smiles all the time. she may be friends with a bitchy person, but people love her. She also loves people, anda joanna is sexy as shit
oh look whos that
obviously its a joanna, sexy and hot
by iamsteveandistalkyou April 23, 2019
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Otherwise known as “Jonahs”, are Draco Malfoy porn loving and nerd scourges of society.
You already know why “Joanna” is always on ph.
via giphy
by coxynormous January 15, 2021
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Usually dark haired. Known for thier big hearts and willingness to help everyone even at thier own expense. Most are a woman of God and are proud of it. Can be the life of the party at times. Also incredibly sexy even though they don't know it sometimes. Definitely keeper material
That girl dancing away is so Joanna
by MutantSpartans October 17, 2016
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Joanna is another word for beautiful. The term is derived from a lady who is well known as the most beautiful woman in the world. Joanna N. M. is a Princess and the woman with the kindest heart and soul.
You are so Joanna today!
by Joanna M June 19, 2016
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Joanna is a type of girl who really likes Indie type of music and down with the culture. She is very fun and knows just how to cheer you up. Also, she will let u know what time it is anytime .
Dude have you seen Joanna's music playlists?
Yea they're crazy bro always something I never heard of before
by its a boat May 25, 2019
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Joanna is awesome,cool, protective,fabulous,bad ass but have a good heart and have self confidence. Joanna is crazy and faithful. She shares her blessings and she looks like a goddess because of her beautiful and wonderful face. She's intelligent, beautiful and nice. She's almost perfect!
She looks so fabulous. She's fabulous as Joanna
by Psy Jian February 12, 2016
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