Perfection in human form. Someone who is "Joanna" is likely to be creative, lovely, intelligent and charming; and will always have an impeccable dress sense.
If you are friends with a Joanna, count yourself lucky. They are truely the nicest people you will ever meet.
"I wish I was as Joanna as her... *sigh*"
by Katers. February 04, 2009
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Most beautiful and amazing girl you will ever meet. She'll dance down the street with you!! Tis the best thing ever! I and many people, refere to her as "the young Rachel weisz".. But she doesn't like it.. But Deep down we all know she loves it! Great sence in Music! She is pretty much the most awesome, fricken sexy, BEAUTIFUL girl in thw world! If you come across a Joanna in your life! Don't let her go!!
I love you bub!! Love Lauren!<3
"You were awake with your eyes closed. But I do love peguin juice!!.. As much as I love Joanna!"
by Boris!<3 February 08, 2012
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Joanna is the name of the someone who’s always the class clown. She will do anything and everything to make someone laugh. Joanna may seem like a fun and out going person but does have a serious side to her. Joannas beauty is indescribable. Many people when they go out want to look like a joanna and have the looks that she does.
by Bhsjsjsj i January 21, 2019
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Seriously the most awsome-est person ever
Most Joannas will typically be extremely successful in life and have some friends who like to copy off of them.
Joannas really don't like niners and usually bully them around in the lockers, some Joannas may even steal their lunch money....
Niners beware...
I totally Joannaed that niner!
Joanna= Awsomeness!
by BlahBlooBlee January 21, 2009
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The most beautiful person around. Andrey loves her ,but she doesn't know this. She thinks she is ugly ,but everyone knows she is the most beautiful person to ever exist. Ariana Grande has tried to come close to her looks ,but sadly she fails. She is also nice to everyone she meets and is a thug.
I thought I looked as good as Joanna ,but no one can look that good.
by Princcxxxxx February 05, 2015
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