A furry boi who used to have caveman hair and is pretty cool
Me: hey Jojo!
Jojo: please don’t call me that
by Rat Squeel March 27, 2019
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(girls named jojo) jojo is a hot girl. she is pretty and funny. she is loved by everyone. she always has boys chasing after her. Jojo’s usually friends with girls called nooni, and the virgo and aries sign
Damn, look at jojo, she looking fire
That girl jojo is so hot

Jojo just bought me a puppy for christmas! she’s so kind!
by urbanjude October 30, 2019
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Frkn ugly as Crap and has no friends
.... Ugly JoJo gay boi and dumb because They wouldn't give me there house
by AwesomeGirlyeet123 May 29, 2019
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Can refer to multiple members of the English-originating Joestar Clan. This includes
-Jonathan Joestar
-Joseph Joestar
-Jotaro Kujo
-Josuke Higashikata
-Giorno Giovanna
-Jolyne Cujoh
-Johnny Joestar
-Gappy Higashikata
These people are reliable, stoic, and can make anyone switch sexualities.
Dio: Goodbye JoJo
by Monkey Whisperer November 01, 2020
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Young people that has no father and cry ORA or MUDA or DORA or even OVERDRIVE. These individuals are gifted with abilities that can’t be proved by science e.g. hamon and stand. Once a JoJo is old, there is a new one that is even more powerful than the previous. These people have a special skill throughout the bloodline. It is called the nigerundayo. Even though they are young, they are extremely muscular which makes it look like they are in their twenties.
JoJo ran away as he saw Kakyoin get Kakyoined.
via giphy
by Animefan1989116 February 10, 2021
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in which two brothers lead to gay rights in 1938
man, I started this cool show today...it’s called jojo something...
oh, Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure!
by sorry cyka May 08, 2020
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