A form of Pieism, a religion worshipping the one true Pie!
I am a follower of JoJo Pieism
by The JoJo May 04, 2008
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When the male places his member between his legs and utilizes any remaining length to fuck ass-to-ass.
I used the rusty jojo on my bitch last night.
by viking_lord January 26, 2013
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a self-made guru of Pharell and infamous prodigy Tianna Taylor that is myspace famous and has over thousands of friends online.

JoJo Buffo loves to watch Chris Crocker videos!
by SublimeHero April 23, 2009
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The greatest drummer alive today.

Seriously, the man's dedication to studying rudiments and technique is incredible. He is the grooviest motherfucker and plays with seemingly endless stamina and musical creativity. Can be credited as the genesis of breakbeat/programmed drum beats played on acoustic sets. Often called "reverse engineering."
Jojo Mayer
by Patrick Bateman (#)($) July 19, 2011
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A real beauty. The definition comes from the iconic racing legend Joey LaQuerre's car, which was, even for a lump of metal and rubber, was quite beautiful. Also implies a tragic clumsyness, as Joey was killed in a snowmobile accident. JoJo Laquerres can also be a combination of these two.
Stud M. - (observing a girl who is incredibly hot tripping for no apparent reason) - "Whoa! What a JoJo Laquerre!"
by Chunkylover124 December 08, 2009
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A "JoJo Moment" has an almost similar meaning and use to the word " Bruh Moment ". Except, instead of saying "Bruh", you gasp in shock and say "N-Nani??", "M-Masaka...", "Ya-Yaroouuu!!", and other words of similiar caliber.

Another use of JoJo Moment is when someone is saying the mentioned words and you say, "He/She/It is having a JoJo Moment right now.."
Bob: *Does a backflip*
Steve: *Gasps in shock* "Na--Nani?!?|
Tom:"Ho boy... Steve's having a JoJo Moment again..."

*Puts down food for cat*
Cat:*Runs towards it*
Me:*Picks it up*
Cat:*Internal JoJo Moment*

Note: I don't own a cat
by TheTankGuy December 21, 2019
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