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JoJo fans are fans referring to a series called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This means they’re either extremely gay or extremely homophobic.
Friend A: “Hey guys I think I’m a JoJo fan!”
Friend B: “Damn thats fucking gay”
by anabany October 22, 2020
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Someone who uses Jojo references and can't go a day without mentioning Jojo. Usually made fun of and are given a sexuality other than straight based on how they act.
XD!? Kono dio da!!!!! LOl!!!

Shut the fuck up Jojo Fan
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by LordMaple May 21, 2021
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Jojos fans are fans of a series called "Jojos Bizarre Adventure"
Some are annoying, and think that throwing knives is a jojo reference. Some are just fans of the show.
Pretty much the only reason the show gets much hate is because the community is shit.

Regular Person: I'll have the caesar salad please


Jojo Fan 1: Man, I can't wait for part 6 to get animated

Jojo Fan 2: Same, but you should read the manga before it comes out.
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by epicest gamer December 20, 2020
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Gay individuals who think very highly of the anime thinking it's the best thing ever created, also becoming very ignorant if you try to disprove them on it. Very comparable to reddit users.
"These Jojo fans don't know when to stop being gay and annoying"
by Rody Ricch July 09, 2020
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