Jos is an optimistic kind and wonderful person. She often simps for a lot of people but she simps the most for her SO and lego yoshi. if you have a jos....keep her in your life.
by squidster123456789 March 02, 2021
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(slang mexican/puerto rican) A way to open a sentence or greet another
Jo Mang! Ju want some fah quin hub caps mang
by Cristobal October 17, 2003
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(pronounced "jahss") (noun) Jack Off Session. Occurs among two or more males at sleep overs, camp outs, etc., when group sex talk, watching sexy movies, or homoerotic wrestling matches makes one guy horny, and he has to leave the group to find a private place for some quality masturbation. Internet access is usually preferred, but not necessary. If multiple males leave together for a jos, the jos is called a circle jerk.
I got so fuckin' horny talkin' with my buddies about the camp counselor's tits that I had to go to the showers to have a jos.
by Dickie Dillspank August 06, 2009
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A term coined in order to refer to a very stupid act. Originally refering to a player of Eve-Online who flies an ill fitted ship into hostile territory and proceeds to get destroyed by inferior hostile forces.

The pilot in question flew a carrier into hostile territory to "rat" (A term refering to grinding to raise money.) The carrier was fitted with battleship sized modules and no fighter drones. (Fighter Drones: A specialty drone used by Carriers as one of its primary means to defend itself or support the fleet.) He was promptly engaged by 3 hostiles which any other carrier pilot would have been able to fight off with a properly fitted vessel. He lost his ship and his pod.
He was "Joed"
An individual screws up badly not in accident but out of pure stupidity and lack of common sense. "You got Joed" "Your a Joe"
by Murmus July 02, 2006
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You motherfucker. You think you can define joe? That hard ass motherfucker will fuck your shit into the fourteenth dimension and back. How about this. He bites into a dorito loco taco and the eighty four women closest to him orgasm so hard their vaginas start vibrating. At this point, the dopamines literally start leaking out of their ears, nose and mouth, sometimes causing asphyxiation and/or divorce.
by ...Username Loading.... November 07, 2018
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