Often known as a pussy. Jo is often a term for a guy that enjoys taking black dick in his asshole on Friday nights.
β€œFuck jo”

β€œHe pulled a jo friday night”
by Gives Af December 11, 2019
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Jerk Off. Calling someone a hand job of sorts. Often yelled from a distance where the person can't have a clear vantage poit of the person yelling.
Yo J.O.!

Hey that guy is a typical J.O.

-Who was that?
-Idk, some J.O.
by Ian Duffy December 19, 2008
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(slang mexican/puerto rican) A way to open a sentence or greet another
Jo Mang! Ju want some fah quin hub caps mang
by Cristobal October 17, 2003
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Often a code name for a young prostitute. Will do anything for 50 cents. Anything.
person 1: i'm so poor and horney at the moment!
person 2: oh i heard Jo's working tonight
person 1: Yes!!!
by =) you know who !! February 07, 2010
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a slicker way of calling someone a jerk off
all the young kids in my neighborhood are a bunch of fucking j.o"s
by the infamous de oness September 14, 2009
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