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Twenty-something, products of the latch key generation, forgotten by their parents, rejected by society. social rejects that were left alone as children and the next best thing to parents was a chatroom. Do not relate well with others unless you are an overweight, socially unacceptable reject. Loves to go to chatrooms to fight with people twice their age ( taken out their anger for their parents abandonment on people their parents ages) stalks down people's families from online chatrooms ( angry they have no families or parents that cared for them )

A "JimmyPixieGordyKatieDarciMichelle West Coast Social Reject" is a person from the west coast, that was abandoned by their parents. Left alone , to fend for themselves. No family, no friends to call their own. So, instead of human contact, they go to the internet to find happiness but instead, decided to take their anger out on strangers their parents ages. They stalk them down, find their family members names and make aol screen names and sit in chatrooms two to three months at a time or until their computer crashes and they have to get a new one and then start all over again.

College drop out, unemployed, living in mommy and daddy's basement at 25. lacks personal hygiene, lacks the ability to function outside of a chatroom setting, pathological liar, insecure, low self esteem, ignorant, stupid, obsessive, stalker, extreme acne,
JimmyPixieGordyKatieDarciMichelle West Coast Social Rejects spend 20+ hours per day, stalking down people from a chatroom: brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, mothers, fathers, and even next door neighbors. Befriend a big old fat slob from Santa Cruz California, who pretends to be rich and famous and pretty in a chatroom until her photo is exposed. then hide under many screen names screaming out obscenities, hollering, and jumping and screaming .. peeing their pants, and scratching the acne on their faces.
by chatroom observer April 18, 2010
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