The definition of a person, who is unusually prone to mistakes and makes them often
, example ; john was trying to make a cake, and he jibbled it and burnt the house down the jiblet!
by Nige the python March 29, 2011
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" Dude, don't pull out your jiblets like that. They look like roasted pecans from the local nut gallery."
by The Crazy Debel May 26, 2015
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A small, personal joint to be smoked to ones face
Chiller1: We should pack an overflowin bowl!
Chiller2: I owuld its just I need some heady leftover for a jiblet
by B-POPE January 26, 2005
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A Jiblet is when you're gettin head you make the bitch suck on your balls get them shits SOAKIN wet then you proceed to grab both of em (to form the brain) and you SMACK this bitch right in the face with your freshly wet balls.
The jiblet I gave Jamel's mom Erica last night after sucking my balls turned her on enough to take it in the pooper!
by UndefinedSudo September 05, 2008
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