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A girl who is beautiful, kind and talented. She cooks the best dishes, tells the best jokes, is serious at the right time, and is a great motivator. She will stand by your side and help you if you are her friend. Best friend you could have, don't let go of her!
Wan Jia cooked chicken rice and invited her friends.
by nyuqian1 April 29, 2022
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A girl who is beautiful, kind and talented. Cooks the best dishes, tells the best jokes, and will be there for her friends. She's so lovable, don't ever let her go!
Wan Jia made chicken rice for her friends. Come try it!
by nyuqian April 29, 2022
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A smart, creative, hardworking, charming and charasmstic individual who is 15 years old. So he is unemployed, lives with his parents and doesn't have a car. To top that he has high expectations on
Shaun: Hey Aaron did you talk to Wilson yet?
Aaron: Yeah he acts like Yap Jia Hong
by Didjdjdjdjdj June 14, 2018
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Yoon Jia is a very talented girl. She's an all-rounder trainee, an ace to be exact. The dark horse of the show.
"Yoon Jia can dance, can sing, can rap, and can make you laugh."
by xerin September 17, 2021
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He is friendly, kind off annoying, but extremely crazy!
He always makes friends easily and very creative with ideas popping out left and right!
Eg. He is so crazy, he is like Zheng Jia!
by YASSZJ February 12, 2022
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