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The most commonly spoken phrase in Nazi camps. Refers to the residue left after burning a Jew.
Hey Adolf, what's that on your hand?

Fuck! I got another Jew stain on me!
by Holocaust never happened August 10, 2010
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When burning a person of Jewish faith and their ash leaves a stain on the floor.
I wish I had placed a tarp down, now there is a Jewstain.
by good old max February 05, 2019
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jewstain: is when a nearby jew, stains on you! or when having sex wid a jew they leave a stain aka jewstain.
hey Bob is that a jewstain on your pants?!
by sheef sandwich August 23, 2009
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1. Something left over that needs cleaning in the ovens.
2. Justin Phillip Dean
1. Ah! I have to clean up the Jewstains after the mass murdering of 6 million Jews, it's a hard life for me.

2. Aww man, I really hate Jewstain however I love his YouTube channel that he co owns, SB FILMS with his Pasty Patrol video, you should go subscribe.
by Taylor Weston August 06, 2017
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