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1) When a school or mass shooting happens in America it will always be by a person that identifies with conservative ideology - Minus Exception A.

2) Conservative media will always attempt to associate the shooter with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or some other prominent person with liberal leaning ideology; often quoting the Twitter account of another person with the same name as the shooter.
3) Pictures will exist of the shooter wearing a MAGA hat or draping themselves with a confederate flag - Minus Exception A.
4) If someone stopped the shooter with a gun, conservatives will always complain about the lack of coverage on the news no matter how much coverage the news gives it.

Exception A) Shooters targeting politicians are excluded from the rule.
Mike said, "Did you hear about that school shooting? I bet it was some libtard Antifa that dun' it."
Adam replied, "Jethro's Law, rule 1. He was most certainly not a liberal ."
Mike said, "Horse shit! I saw a Breitbart headline that talked about a post of his on Twitter praising commie Bernie Sanders...."
Adam replied, "You mean from that guy 5 states away with the same name. Yeah, I actually looked the guy up. Two different people. Here, I found a picture of him wearing a confederate flag like a cape and sporting a MAGA hat."
by Nutzen YerMouf May 15, 2018
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