Jesus Christ

My Lord and Saviour. The Son of God who was sacrificed for our sins, so we could have and opportunity to have everlasting life in Heaven. He loves ou so much...more than anyone in this world. A friend to the friendless, a father to the fatherless, a healer for the sick. He will never give up on you. He loves you more than you could ever comprehend. He is forgiving and merciful. He will NEVER EVER give up on you, even when you want to give up on yourself.

You may wonder, " How can a loving God allow bad thing to happen?" But these thing happen to mold us and make us according to His plan. He loves you so much, no matter what you do. NOTHING CAN SEPARATE YOU FROM THE LOVE OF GOD! NOT EVEN SATAN HIMSELF!
REMEMBER: God unconditionally loves the sinner, but hates the sin.

Won't you love the One who loves you the most?
Guy 1: Have you heard about Jesus Christ?
Guy 2: Of course, He's my best friend dude!
Guy 1: No way! SAME!
by Yeshua's Child August 01, 2020
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A fictional character from the Imagination Land episodes of South Park. Who, inadvertently, is quite the sharp-shooter with an M16.
Jesus Christ killed all the bad imaginary people with his M16.
by Scoggins February 28, 2010
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a slang term refering to a man who died about 2000 years ago. Translation: Josh of Nazarath. many people pretend to "love" him. they say "he lives in the sky and is looking down at me!". these gullible people are then taken advantage of.
political leader: I pray every day! and you know what Jesus Christ tells me to do? Just a little invasion, just a little killing, but in the name of LOVE and JESUS and a BETTER FUTURE!! I know you have to fight your heart to believe this, but that's what religion's all about! PRAISE!

silly followers: Beloved Leader! He is correct! i mean, whats wrong with killing? in the bible, people justified their hate all the time by saying "God told me to smite you". Vengefull, that God of ours!!! But in a loving way.
by Daniel Payne April 01, 2005
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