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A stoner girl that if you do anything she's doing, that wouldnt go well for you. Jessica Hontz never changed from when she was in middle school. She's the white version of Snookie, a hatin ass bitch that will hug you back if you are your best behavior. She's always friends with one of your close friends, like Gelene Cabading. She's pretty gorgeous that is what makes her so naughty. Always has the longest blonde rapunzel hair that she puts in front. Pale, but beautiful as a sunflower. I just wish her personality was the same, but we can't blame the way God creates people. Jessica is never one to verbally abuse you and can act like she doesnt care. But don't worry, because you do the same thing too. Most likely don't a bully either.
Jessica Hontz will always be a skinny but sexy blonde who pampers her looks.
by ChristianQueen May 16, 2018
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