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Jerry Heller was a business person best known for being the manager for the notorious west coast rap group N.W.A., and co-founding the Ruthless Records record label with Eric "Eazy-E" Wright. In early September of 2016, he suffered a heart attack, which resulted in a car accident, and due to complications with injuries, he died at the age of 75. He is either remembered in a positive light for managing and supervising the gangsta rap pioneers and ultimately propelling hip-hop into the mainstream, or is remembered as being the Jewish version of Scott Walker, for doing a poor job of said managing.
"I ain't popping no champagne, but I ain't shedding no tears either. It is what it is… He’s outta here. I’m not losing no sleep over Heller" - Ice Cube on Jerry Heller after his death
by BlenderThatBlendsThings January 15, 2017
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