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A self proclaimed chaos pixie who is often seen in Totnes wearing crazy clothing resembling leafs, chinese hats, and home-made looking organic materials. It is quite commonly known around Totnes that if you spot this little creature and spend any time with her, chaos will unfold around you. She has been spotted canoeing up the River Dart on Ocassion with other pixie like beings. Some say she does not really exist, but those who have spotted the Jenna Avery pixie know better.

This creature can only be found in Totnes United Kingdom and is known for her abilities to create amazing sculptures out of balloons, do fire poi techiniques at night, and she also seems to have some strange aura of creating random chaotic events, these include accidently being electrified whilst turning on a computer, stabbing herself whilst opening a chopstick wrapper, falling off the back of a pickup truck whilst managing to hang on upside down, Causing people to accidently trip on thier own feet, cooking salmon with hair straighteners and accidently burning her tongue, getting people to climb strange objects in the dark, getting people to do canoe trips late at night without a torch. Cooking using any ingredient known to man and for some reason creating a delicous curry by accident. Blowing bubbles at strangers in the cash point queue, falling over without any reason, Confusing people to the point they become speachless. Playing the flute up Totnes high street with two cats following her.
Is that the Jenna Avery Pixie from Totnes juggling apples whilst blowing bubbles?

Look! There she is wearing a crazy chinese hat it must be the Jenna Avery Totnes pixie!

That girl just walked past a tree and half the leafs fell off and blew across the street she must be that Jenna Avery pixie!

This party is boring lets invite Jenna Avery, things always get chaotic with her around!

Gosh! You fell over without tripping on anything your just like Jenna Avery! Haha!
by sillyelfclown September 21, 2011
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